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Yellow moon: Lanterns for Diwali

Lanterns for Diwali It’s a festival of light, so we used our lanterns from Yellow Moon to help us concentrate when learning all about Diwali. Busy fingers keep our ears open!               We talked about Diwali this year and we learned about the Festival of Lights and read about Lakshmi, the goddess of love beauty and wealth… Read more →

Teaching the kids about having their own ‘Tribe’

There’s a Facebook ‘meme’ that does the rounds every now and again. I like it. Try as I might I can’t attribute it to anyone, but here it is: When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “Me too!” be sure to treasure them because those weirdos are your tribe. I… Read more →


You will remember at the beginning of Summer Elizabeth Jarman gave us the materials to make tents and shelters of all kinds? The kids have been at it again! This time making a shelter to keep Oona occupied whilst the tutor was here, and below is the ‘Cinema Tent’ which has Imogen’s DVD player in it. They have created a… Read more →

Cosy corner!

Oona gets bored! She gets bored quickly so I have to be one step ahead of her all the time or we have toddler tantrums and climbing and all kinds! Today she was up to no good (and tired, but it was almost lunch time so I didn’t want her to sleep) so I made her a very quick tent… Read more →

Tyres as ‘safe spaces’

I have implemented a couple more of Elizabeth Jarman’s ideas this weekend! See Communication Friendly Spaces and More Communication. Elizabeth is a consultant who helps schools, nurseries and other childcare settings create a positive learning environment for their children. She came to visit us and came up with some really super ideas. One was to utilise tyres as a ‘space for… Read more →

More communication friendly space!

The children made a communication friendly space today! They don’t usually play in the front garden other than using it as a space to dump their bikes in preference for their scooters but I was out there with the stepping stones and I asked them where they wanted me to put them. I had an idea where I wanted them… Read more →

Communication Friendly Spaces

You remember I’ve mentioned Elizabeth Jarman before from Communication Friendly Spaces? I’ve followed her for a good while on Facebook. She is a consultant who works with Nurseries, schools and other childcare settings to create optimum conditions for learning. And I WISH she’d been working with my daughter’s school when she went because BOY! does she understand kids!! Especially kids like… Read more →

Elizabeth Jarman

I’ve been following Elizabeth Jarman on Facebook for about 18 months. She comes up with some totally amazing ideas for communication friendly spaces for children of all ages. I wanted to share her facebook page with you all because she’s really helped and inspired me with my garden and home to enable the children to have their own secret spaces. … Read more →

Two metres of hessian and a periscope!

So today I put a door on the little hidey hole! I ordered hessian because it lets light in whilst protecting the children from prying eyes! As usual I had grown-up ideas about how the door would work: I was going to make two triangles of hessian with a slit up the middle (teepee style) so that they could go… Read more →

Be Nice Or Leave!

Be nice or leave! I thought I’d give this bit of our garden a whole blog post of it’s own!! This sign is on our garden fence. I bought this little metal sign from Amazon a couple of years ago and it was in our house on the wall of our hallway as a bit of a tongue in cheek… Read more →