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Story of The Little Gentleman: The Boo Theatre

We were invited to The Boo Theatre again a couple of weeks ago, to see a new performance: Little Gentleman from The Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. Oona especially was really excited to go, since she had such a lovely time when we saw ‘Babies in Space’. I spent the morning lazing around and then, realising the house was a pig-sty… Read more →

Babies in Space! The Boo Theatre

Last weekend, Oona and I were invited along to The Boo Theatre to their ‘Babies in Space’ to join in the adventure of  baby Luna who has been lost by its Mama and needs to find its way home. We had an absolutely wonderful time. As you know, I have four children and they all take up lots of my… Read more →

Skipton with a posh new camera 

I got myself a posh new camera. It’s a Canon S120 and I love it! I took it out with us to Skipton at the end of Summer and it did me proud! My regular readers have had to put up with some terrible pictures over the last few years (and you still will because I am likely to forget… Read more →

Legoland Christmas 

We go to Legoland at least once a month and because we go so often I usually just give you a snapshot of our visit. Today though, since it’s Legoland Christmas I thought I would give a proper description of our visit. The picture below shows us on our way to Legoland from the car park. As usual the big… Read more →

Bricktacular Legoland Christmas!

We are off to have a Legoland Christmas on Friday afternoon since we found out they have Christmassified everything! The guys at Legoland Manchester have created a Santa Express LEGO train and LEGO Lapland, there’s the opportunity to decorate the Centre with LEGO Christmas Decorations, we could make candy canes, snowy snowmen and even a LEGO Santa in the Master… Read more →

Calamity Jane at Liverpool 

I took Imogen to The Liverpool Empire to see Calamity Jane. It wasn’t her birthday or anything, I just took her because she is a MASSIVE fan. I kept it as a surprise for as long as I could and then told her about it. She was so excited! She wanted her hair up, under her hat like Calam so… Read more →

Oona’s birthday trip to Martin Mere

One of Oona’s favourite places to go is Hebden Bridge where she loves to feed the ducks so when Paul and I were talking about where to take her for her Birthday, we soon decided on Martin Mere where there are ducks GALORE!     Here she is with Elizabeth and Imogen in the foyer riding on the swan   They… Read more →

Skipton Castle

I took some pictures of my beautiful family at Skipton Castle last week. We had a wander around the shops (popped into Next and Fatface)    I’ve got loads of pictures of the children sitting on this cannon. Right form Elizabeth being a teeny tot.    Oona with pig-tails and tattoos! There’s this thing on Adventure Time where Finn says… Read more →

Chill Factore ex ice ment!

Well this has turned into a bit of a non-summer hasn’t it? It’s been nice enough for the kids to play out all the time, but not hot enough for paddling pools and water fights. I know, I know there’s time yet…we could have an Indian Summer after all…in the meantime though, why not just give in? Give in and… Read more →

Airjitzu at Legoland Manchester

Today we went to the Ninjago Airjitzu event at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester. We go there all the time and you would think the kids would be getting fed up of it by now but actually there’s always something different to experience despite the fact that there is always the same warm welcome with the staff recognizing the children and… Read more →