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Wild flowers packs sent from kew

Ooooh the excitement! I’d forgotten I’d registered for these wild flower seeds from Kew Gardens but they arrived on Friday! I’ve got ‘Greenthumb’ coming this Friday to fix the grass that my naughty hens ruined so I will be asking them for advice on which bit of garden to put these in! We have a bit of shared land on… Read more →

Free Range Chickens

My beautiful garden is no more!! At this time of year the garden usually looks quite bare (I am low on ever-greens) by Spring things usually start looking a lot better…but honestly I don’t think it has ever looked this bad! My beautiful chickens soon out-grew their pen and when they ‘escaped’ I wasn’t too fussed, I just let them… Read more →

Sock monkeys and ‘Pato’

Oona loves ‘Pocoyo’. It is a cartoon series featuring a little toddler and his friends. It is narrated by Stephen Fry and is a very gentle programme. When I want to use the loo or some such and I ask the older children to baby-sit for a few minutes, the ‘No TV between 9-4’ rule is relaxed and they sit… Read more →

Lucky Hens

For a good while I’ve wanted hens. Actually I want to live on the edge of woods that we own and have a 5 bedroomed house with a small holding and be completely off-grid and self-sufficient but, you know…hens is a step towards that! I’ve asked Paul loads of times and he kept saying no…then I asked on Freegle to… Read more →

Tyres as ‘safe spaces’

I have implemented a couple more of Elizabeth Jarman’s ideas this weekend! See Communication Friendly Spaces¬†and More Communication. Elizabeth is a consultant who helps schools, nurseries and other childcare settings create a positive learning environment for their children. She came to visit us and came up with some really super ideas. One was to utilise tyres as a ‘space for… Read more →

Update on The Woodland Trust post

I’ve had word back from The Woodland Trust and things have changed since I last applied and it isn’t for the better! They no longer recognise home educating families as equal to schools and do not accept school applications from home edders. I am really sorry if I misled anyone…but I had a really positive experience last time. It is… Read more →

Woodland Trust

I just applied for a copse pack! Apply here: I successfully applied for a hedge pack a couple of years ago and decided to go for a copse pack this time as it contains silver birch, Rowan and Wild cherry. I thought it would help us create a more private front garden area. The children play with all their friends… Read more →

More communication friendly space!

The children made a communication friendly space today! They don’t usually play in the front garden other than using it as a space to dump their bikes in preference for their scooters but I was out there with the stepping stones and I asked them where they wanted me to put them. I had an idea where I wanted them… Read more →

Communication Friendly Spaces

You remember I’ve mentioned Elizabeth Jarman before from¬†Communication Friendly Spaces? I’ve followed her for a good while on Facebook. She is a consultant who works with Nurseries, schools and other childcare settings to create optimum conditions for learning. And I WISH she’d been working with my daughter’s school when she went because BOY! does she understand kids!! Especially kids like… Read more →

Garden blackboard

The other week I posted on Freegle that I was after a bit of board to screw to the garden fence. My plan was to paint with blackboard paint and let the kiddies loose on it. (More garden fun!) I was very lucky that a chap called Paul contacted me and said he had some board from the back of… Read more →