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I asked them to clean the trampoline …

My children were cooped up in the house annoying me by bickering…when I asked them to go clean the trampoline. They were not impressed by the idea. I got them a washing up bowl with plenty of Fairy in it and some cloths and took them outside. There was lots of complaining and “It’s not fair!” being shouted by my… Read more →

Scat Cat!

We are having major problems with cats crapping everywhere! Under the trampoline is just a huge litter tray and the cats are going in the flower beds and under the trampoline. Oona was crawling about yesterday in the sunshine and I have to admit I was a bit paranoid about her finding something she shouldn’t.   I’ve tried to attack… Read more →

Slide, swing and ropes!

Since I last posted I’ve taken delivery of a new swing nest… This is the one we had originally…the children really love the nest swings that you get in the play areas at places like Brockholes and Martin Mere so I decided to replace the two swings with this: We’ve had the blue baby swing on there since Leon (now… Read more →

Two metres of hessian and a periscope!

So today I put a door on the little hidey hole! I ordered hessian because it lets light in whilst protecting the children from prying eyes! As usual I had grown-up ideas about how the door would work: I was going to make two triangles of hessian with a slit up the middle (teepee style) so that they could go… Read more →

Be Nice Or Leave!

Be nice or leave! I thought I’d give this bit of our garden a whole blog post of it’s own!! This sign is on our garden fence. I bought this little metal sign from Amazon a couple of years ago and it was in our house on the wall of our hallway as a bit of a tongue in cheek… Read more →

Spring Garden Plans

So I’ll have to tell you about books and music lessons another day because it’s Spring time, nearly Summer and the children have been outside for a couple of weeks now and I am getting on with the garden and creating wonderful spaces for them to play and things for them to do. You may remember that we tried growing… Read more →

Frog in the pond! Frog in the garden!

We made a frog-pond a couple of years ago and we made the decision to let it naturally populate itself…we never seemed to get frog spawn, just lots of insects and poor little creatures drowning in the pond! But today Elizabeth found a baby frog in the bushes near the pond! This was a bit of a major event! I mean… Read more →

Pea pods

You will remember that Imogen is my little green-fingered one? Well she planted pea seeds and we grew pea plants and they had pea pods on them!!!! Until about 20 minutes ago when the kids went out and picked them. In their pyjamas. All the best gardeners do it in their jim jams! Is it any wonder why I haven’t… Read more →

Nature Study

Aren’t you lucky? I am a blog-addict again (don’t get used to it I will soon get too busy again!!) Today we had SUCH an exciting day. As you will know if you have been reading my blog for a little while, the kids and I have been trying to create a wildlife garden. We live in a new build… Read more →

Charlotte Mason

I think my lovely blog followers know that up until now I have been pretty autonomous in my approach to home education with work books and trips to Tottington Library thrown in. This has been because it suited our lifestyle and it suited the children but things are changing. I don’t know if it has been the horrendous non-summer we… Read more →