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To self-censor or be self-centred?

To self-censor or be self-centred? That is the question. This is my family blog. In the beginning I started the blog to document our home education journey. We’ve tried all kinds of methods and we’ve been on loads of trips and I’ve taken a million photographs and shared them here. I’m the Mum. There’s a Dad. We started off with… Read more →

Quick update!

Hello you lovely lot! Just writing you a quick update to let you know I’m still here! I’ve really struggled with keeping up with the blog as I’ve been in such terrible pain with my leg and back. I had an MRI and it was two slipped discs. To give you the quick version the slipped discs slipped some more… Read more →

Sexy Mum?

I’ve been going through a bit of a change of late. Not THE change, but certainly a change. I gave up colouring my hair about six months ago and in a bid to get it all the same colour I had it all chopped off so I feel like I lost some youth, femininity and sexiness. On top of that… Read more →

Slipped disc

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I slipped my disc. So I am grumpier than a grumpy thing and my creative bloggy juices have all dried up. I set myself a blog challenge a few weeks ago to try and blog every day, but it was REALLY hard and I failed and as a result I kind of went the… Read more →

Vote? I don’t care how you voted!

You know what? I don’t care how you voted and I’m not going to talk about how I voted! Social media has been brimming with people’s opinions on why Cameron got in and how the votes are made up. I’ve had my fill of first past the post and proportional votes. I am sick to the back teeth of hearing… Read more →

Technology, toilets and kitchens being fitted…

I’ve had a nice little bloggy rhythm going on for a few weeks, where I take blurred photos on my iPhone then when I have a collection of about a hundred or so I upload them onto the WordPress App and save them as draft blog posts. Every other Sunday Paul takes the three older kids to his mother’s and… Read more →