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Ravensburger Horse Heaven Jigsaw Puzzle Review

My kids haven’t done a jigsaw for YEARS. They play on their tablets and the PC, their laptops, the xbox. They craft, they love crochet, knitting, reading, drawing etc but we’d forgotten about jigsaws. They are kinda basic aren’t they? They don’t make a noise, they aren’t exciting. wrong! When I was offered the review for a 300 piece puzzle… Read more →

November Abridged!

This is my second Abridged post, November Abridged: it has been rainy and cold and windy and we battened down the hatches! The 2nd was my birthday, I was 39 and I had a lovely time. I had my pressies in the morning, and we went to Hebden for coffee and cake in the afternoon I almost cancelled it because… Read more →

Christmas buying: books

I thought I would document my Christmas purchases as I go this year, like I did last time with my recommendations and choices for the kids now aged 10, 9 6 and 2. The Book People catalogue arrived this morning and as usual the kids pounced on it. Oona spent a good ten minutes kissing all the pictures of The… Read more →

Elizabeth’s blog

Before starting her blog six months ago Elizabeth was thinking about blogging for a while. Infact the indecisiveness of aspies is another blog-post entirely!! Anyway, finally I took the decision out of her hands and set her up with a WordPress blog. I felt it would be educational and would give her an interest and maybe even help others. What I… Read more →

Kid k’nex                

Thought I would share some of our play with you again. I started doing this in the early days of my blog but as is my way, I didn’t keep up with it! One of Leon’s favourite toys is Kid K’nex. They are lovely! Really bright colours and you can make all kinds of aliens and fantastical creatures with them.… Read more →

Autumn leaf garland

When we went out to Hebden on my birthday we had loads of fun collecting brightly coloured autumn leaves…and we had a plan! We decided we would try and laminate them in order to preserve them and their fantastic colours and decorate our living room! Now this post comes with a warning: DON’T go using a posh laminator and get… Read more →

Art exhibition

I have already blogged about the children’s adventures in art with Nichola Cortese. Nichola organised an exhibition of the children’s work at the Copa House Cafe in Hebden Bridge in mid October with all the proceeds going to charity. My children were so thrilled by the fact that their work would be hung in public and that it was for… Read more →

Banksy and Dali inspiration with Nichola Cortese

A good while ago I wrote about Icky Sticky Kids and the amazing fun the kids had there making a huge mess and having a ball. Well Nichola Cortese also runs classes for older children so I thought I would tell you about it. The classes are weekly and she does home education and after school classes as well as parties… Read more →

Zombie dollies

You remember we tried to repaint our dolls like the tree-change dolls earlier in the year? Well Leon had the idea that he would create a zombie action man in the same way. Being a six year old boy he really wasn’t concerned with spending a long time removing Action Man’s face in order to paint his own on, he just… Read more →

Fun in Hebden Bridge

I know, I know! Another Hebden Bridge post! This time in the sunshine! Beautiful July Sunshine! We didn’t feed the ducks today, just said hello…but we went to the park instead!  Elizabeth was thrilled that she managed to get a pigeon to sit on her hand           On the park!            Oona’s very favourite park-ride… Read more →