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Plasticine from Flair: Review

We received a wonderful cardboard box of goodies from Flair this week! The children were really excited because there were ‘Plasticine’ stickers on the outside of the box but I wouldn’t let them open it right away. It sat there on the shelf until I was ready to review it with them and that only added to their excitement. Here… Read more →

Yellow moon delivery!

Look what arrived in the post!! There’s always general excitement when the Yellow Moon box arrives! Here’s a bit of a teaser to show you what we got! We’ll blog about them as we do them   Monster finger puppets!         The sand to go in the bottles Sun catchers to paint Animal masks to colour And… Read more →

Wild flowers packs sent from kew

Ooooh the excitement! I’d forgotten I’d registered for these wild flower seeds from Kew Gardens but they arrived on Friday! I’ve got ‘Greenthumb’ coming this Friday to fix the grass that my naughty hens ruined so I will be asking them for advice on which bit of garden to put these in! We have a bit of shared land on… Read more →

Master Model Building at Legoland

We went to Legoland yesterday and whilst we were there we did a Master Model Building workshop. As is the case with everything at Legoland it was well organised, on time, and the staff member who ran it was super friendly and helpful with a passion for all things lego, brilliant with kids and had a good sense of humour.… Read more →

Ikea easel

This isn’t a review as such, I’ve not been provided with a free easel or anything (alas) but I just had to share! I bought this at Christmas time as a bit of an after-thought and didn’t give it as they had loads of things…I left it in the garage. Then one rainy day the kids were annoying me so… Read more →

Imaginext castle

A couple of years ago I bought the children this Playmobil castle. It looks absolutely brilliant doesn’t it?! Well I can tell you it isn’t! This is the result of almost two hours Mummy-building!!! With too few little yellow and red connectors because they mysteriously vanish. And if I had let the kids play with this it would’ve been broken… Read more →

Chill Factore: Snow Board

Imogen has applied to be on the ‘Snow Board’ for Chill Factore this morning. Imogen is one of the most determined people I have ever met. She is dyslexic and has really struggled to learn to read, only really becoming fluent this year (she is 8) but it is not for lack of trying. She is a real force to… Read more →

Free Range Chickens

My beautiful garden is no more!! At this time of year the garden usually looks quite bare (I am low on ever-greens) by Spring things usually start looking a lot better…but honestly I don’t think it has ever looked this bad! My beautiful chickens soon out-grew their pen and when they ‘escaped’ I wasn’t too fussed, I just let them… Read more →

Crystal growing

Paul (the hubster) has been bonding with Leon through the medium of Crystal growing! I bought this from Yellow Moon     Paul assures me the biscuit was kept away from the chemicals 😉 A pretty cool little activity! They watched the crystal grow each day. The liquid disappeared as the crystals grew.   He is in his onesie because… Read more →

Dressing up

Oona loves to dress up and I’m encouraging it. Taking off her own clothes and putting on loose fitting dressing up clothes which have elasticated waist bands and are easy to get on and off are a fantastic way to teach independence. It helps with pottying because of course pulling pants up and down is a necessary step! Despite Oona’s… Read more →