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I’ve been wanting to write a review on Maths-Whizz for a few weeks but since we got it in October the children and I have been ill with one thing after another, we’ve had Christmas and now my internet is at best intermittent (Come on BT get your act together)! I ideally wanted the children to have been using it… Read more →

Icky Sticky Kids in Hebden Bridge

We went along to Icky Sticky kids last week, and we had a blast! Oona went in her training pants and kept them dry, Woohoo! and whilst she was quite careful and considered in her play, preferring to play in the water than the messy stuff, Leon went mad and came home looking like he’s been an extra in a… Read more →

Upside down!

Elizabeth likes to take selfies whilst upside down! She’s so beautiful but many of my ‘right-way-up’ pictures don’t show her at her best because her posed smile is not a natural one. My many upside down pictures are the ones I especially cherish because she is so happy!   Wanting to be upside down is a ‘symptom’ of sensory processing… Read more →

Colour your own chrimbo cards!

Our wonderful friend at Yellow Moon sent us some Christmassy things to make and do this year. One of them was these cards:   We took these cards to Grandpa’s house and he was rather chuffed that he’d received handmade cards. The children all made one (Leon isn’t thrilled by getting his picture taken for the blog) They were easy… Read more →

Go Henry Pocket money Card: Review

You might have read my previous pocket money post¬†where I outlined my method of getting the children to save up for things they would like to buy by paying them small amounts for little jobs around the house. At the bottom of the post I said I might keep my eyes open for a bank account for them to switch… Read more →

Toddler Activities Home education

Home education is marvellous in every way, but I won’t lie to you it can be tricky to ensure that all the kids needs get met. I liken it to spinning plates (in a circus style not in the throwing them at the wall style!!) I usually have at least two spinning, one wobbling and maybe one falling! Usually it… Read more →

Yellow moon ceramic flip flops

We are very lucky that we work with Yellow Moon and receive fantastic craft supplies to try out and review. The children’s buddies came over one rainy day last week and the craft box saved the day! We received some ceramic pens and some flip-flop shaped trinket boxes to paint which were unusual and cheered us up with their reminder… Read more →

Holiday Nightmare RAC Debacle!

I haven’t blogged for a little while because we have been stranded without a car. We had planned to go to Abergele on 13th October with our Home Ed friends on a Sun ¬£9.50 holiday… I spent the three days prior cleaning the house, washing EVERYTHING, cleaning everything, tidying up for the burglars, as Peter Kay jokes! Found someone to… Read more →

Sea life and legoland

Today we went to the Sea life Centre and Legoland in Manchester, we had annual passes for Legoland and recently upgraded to a combined pass. The Sealife Centre is brilliant, especially for Oona who really loves the calm and the lighting and of course the fishes! Elizabeth likes the Manta-rays and Leon and Imogen mostly just charge around stamping their… Read more →


You will remember at the beginning of Summer Elizabeth Jarman gave us the materials to make tents and shelters of all kinds? The kids have been at it again! This time making a shelter to keep Oona occupied whilst the tutor was here, and below is the ‘Cinema Tent’ which has Imogen’s DVD player in it. They have created a… Read more →