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Plaster of Paris picture frame

Imogen’s been busy. I’ve told you about the kids and their crafting in my absence? I was in Skipton at a meeting and this is what she did! Plaster of Paris! (photographs are Imogen’s too!)                 I have to say I’m pretty impressed with her! She did a really good job of it! 🙂 Read more →

Lego and cousins!

I think I’ve told you we had a baby, haven’t I? My little sister made a really beautiful one a couple of months ago and they came over at the weekend to let me have a turn. Lego and cousins is the best way to spend your Sunday, I can assure you!  Of course I couldn’t cuddle Heidi without my… Read more →

 Yellow moon star mosaic magic wands                                                                   

I love Yellow Moon because the kids can just get on with the craft on their own whilst I catch  up on cleaning or blogging or put my feet up with a cuppa… and we were sent some lovely Yellow Moon star wands through the post to make. Here’s the children’s craft session photographed by the children.  I think this… Read more →

Lego, imaginext and weebles

We love Lego! Amazing stuff, so it is! My kids really like Duplo, even the big kids…you would think they would’ve grown out of it by now, but they really love the freedom to create, the fluidity of the stuff. Here’s some amazing Lego creations! We have a ton of blocks, we have some of the Toy Story characters, the… Read more →

Kid k’nex                

Thought I would share some of our play with you again. I started doing this in the early days of my blog but as is my way, I didn’t keep up with it! One of Leon’s favourite toys is Kid K’nex. They are lovely! Really bright colours and you can make all kinds of aliens and fantastical creatures with them.… Read more →

Autumn leaf garland

When we went out to Hebden on my birthday we had loads of fun collecting brightly coloured autumn leaves…and we had a plan! We decided we would try and laminate them in order to preserve them and their fantastic colours and decorate our living room! Now this post comes with a warning: DON’T go using a posh laminator and get… Read more →

Banksy and Dali inspiration with Nichola Cortese

A good while ago I wrote about Icky Sticky Kids and the amazing fun the kids had there making a huge mess and having a ball. Well Nichola Cortese also runs classes for older children so I thought I would tell you about it. The classes are weekly and she does home education and after school classes as well as parties… Read more →

Independent craft

I don’t helicopter parent generally…but I do freak out with the aprons and newspaper where paint is involved! The kids have recently started totally ignoring this however and wait until  I am out of the house or in the shower or something and then totally take advantage by getting loads of craft out! They look at me beseechingly and say… Read more →

Zombie dollies

You remember we tried to repaint our dolls like the tree-change dolls earlier in the year? Well Leon had the idea that he would create a zombie action man in the same way. Being a six year old boy he really wasn’t concerned with spending a long time removing Action Man’s face in order to paint his own on, he just… Read more →

Yellow Moon: Halloween and Autumn

We received a lovely big box of Halloween Craft that we will be busy with in the next couple of weeks! Here is Leon getting the important job of opening the box! We received some lovely Autumn 3D family tree Kits to decorate our house with: Just enough for the three older children Halloween glitter foam stickers Halloween paint stampers… Read more →