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Plasticine from Flair: Review

We received a wonderful cardboard box of goodies from Flair this week! The children were really excited because there were ‘Plasticine’ stickers on the outside of the box but I wouldn’t let them open it right away. It sat there on the shelf until I was ready to review it with them and that only added to their excitement. Here… Read more →

Yellow moon: sand art bottles

It was a bit rainy the other day and so the children looked in our craft box and found this brilliant activity that was sent to us recently by Yellow Moon. It’s a simple kit, requiring little reading the kids worked it out without any input from me…it was probably too young for Elizabeth but she was helping Oona do… Read more →

Yellow moon delivery!

Look what arrived in the post!! There’s always general excitement when the Yellow Moon box arrives! Here’s a bit of a teaser to show you what we got! We’ll blog about them as we do them   Monster finger puppets!         The sand to go in the bottles Sun catchers to paint Animal masks to colour And… Read more →

Tree-change style Barbie

I’m not a massive Barbie fan. The kids like them, but I steer them towards the more modern Disney Princesses such as Anna and Elsa, Merida and their pals because at least they are stronger characters than Barbie and her incessant shopping. I hate ‘Barbie: Life in the Dream House’ which was banned for about six months until Leon told… Read more →


Ah look at my pirate-babies! Imogen and Leon have played pirates aat least three times a week for the past YEAR but since we went to The Sea-life Centre and they bought some new outfits and other props they have a renewed enthusiasm and a new recruit ūüôā ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Oona is actually extremely dangerous with a sword and knows how… Read more →

Legoland Egg-straordinary charity build!

Bring-a-brick for the ‚ÄėEgg-straodinary‚Äô Charity Build LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester is calling all young LEGO¬†lovers to come and donate a LEGO¬†brick from their collection to the centre in a bid to raise bricks for the Wood Street Mission which will then give them to underprivileged children across Manchester and Salford to play with. The aim of the initiative is to… Read more →

Light sabre from freegle!

Excuse the state of my living room in these pictures! I don’t always tidy up before taking pictures for the blog! I suppose I should and then you might all think I am Super Woman ha ha! Anyway, I’m here to tell you all about Freegle and my recent experience. I often put our used and unwanted items on Freegle,… Read more →

Spiderman Creepeez ZURU Toys

The other week Leon was in Asda and he saw one of these toys:     He immediately asked me if he could buy it with his pocket money and I gave him his money and off he went to the checkout with it. This toy is marketed as a ‘wall crawler’ but after a little while playing with it… Read more →

CRA-Z-Art Shimmer n Sparkle Crystal Craze Gem Cuff Bracelets Review

This week we were sent some fantastic bracelets to make! Imogen reviewed hers here Elizabeth wrote hers here And here’s mine! I thought the bracelets were really lovely actually! The instructions were useful, they were well worded and helped along by some good photographs explaining the to the children what to do. They suggested that the kids sellotape the cuff… Read more →

Ikea easel

This isn’t a review as such, I’ve not been provided with a free easel or anything (alas) but I just had to share! I bought this at Christmas time as a bit of an after-thought and didn’t give it as they had loads of things…I left it in the garage. Then one rainy day the kids were annoying me so… Read more →