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Skipton with a posh new camera 

I got myself a posh new camera. It’s a Canon S120 and I love it! I took it out with us to Skipton at the end of Summer and it did me proud! My regular readers have had to put up with some terrible pictures over the last few years (and you still will because I am likely to forget… Read more →

Ducks and friends in Hebden

Another beautiful Hebden Bridge post, just in case you have forgotten what ducks look like! It’s a miserably grey day, yet somehow not when you are in a beautiful town with lovely pals. There’s only a few weeks between Oona and Pip, and whilst they argue a bit, they have a firm friendship.   He was giving seeds to Oona… Read more →

Fun in Hebden Bridge

I know, I know! Another Hebden Bridge post! This time in the sunshine! Beautiful July Sunshine! We didn’t feed the ducks today, just said hello…but we went to the park instead!  Elizabeth was thrilled that she managed to get a pigeon to sit on her hand           On the park!            Oona’s very favourite park-ride… Read more →

  Lost sheep on the street!

So today we were doing our general sunny Sunday playing out when some sheep came to say hello! They had escaped from a farmer’s vehicle and the poor guy was trying to herd them back in the trailer.   It was super exciting because we chased the sheep up the hill and the man caught three of them, but one made… Read more →

A sad day.

Last night Elizabeth went to put the chickens to bed and she came running back in the house crying because she found one of our chickens dead in the run. Zig was one of our leaders, our escape artist. She was best friends with ‘That’ (named by Oona who could only point and shout ‘That!’ at the time) and Clucky… Read more →

Easter weekend at Skipton Castle

We went to Skipton Castle again this Easter Bank Holiday and as usual we had lots of fun. Things are improving for Paul and I because we can now sit and enjoy a cuppa whilst the kids (all of them) play outside. They run on the grass, climb on the wall and play in the garden. This is Imogen. She… Read more →

Wild flowers packs sent from kew

Ooooh the excitement! I’d forgotten I’d registered for these wild flower seeds from Kew Gardens but they arrived on Friday! I’ve got ‘Greenthumb’ coming this Friday to fix the grass that my naughty hens ruined so I will be asking them for advice on which bit of garden to put these in! We have a bit of shared land on… Read more →

Free Range Chickens

My beautiful garden is no more!! At this time of year the garden usually looks quite bare (I am low on ever-greens) by Spring things usually start looking a lot better…but honestly I don’t think it has ever looked this bad! My beautiful chickens soon out-grew their pen and when they ‘escaped’ I wasn’t too fussed, I just let them… Read more →

Toddler Activities Home education

Home education is marvellous in every way, but I won’t lie to you it can be tricky to ensure that all the kids needs get met. I liken it to spinning plates (in a circus style not in the throwing them at the wall style!!) I usually have at least two spinning, one wobbling and maybe one falling! Usually it… Read more →

Trip to Hebden Bridge

A couple of  weeks ago I took Oona to The Old Tree House shop in Hebden because the lady there sells slings and baby carriers. We had a look at the toys and we hired a sling. They are really good because they allow you to buy a sling, but you take the library sling and if you like it… Read more →