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Gazillion Bubbles!

This week we received a wonderful giant bubble wand from Gazillion bubbles to test out.   It was perfect timing because as you can see from the state of my house behind Imogen we had family over this weekend. It was Elizabeth and Leon’s birthdays and everyone came over with gifts and to watch them blow their candles out. It… Read more →

Babies in Space! The Boo Theatre

Last weekend, Oona and I were invited along to The Boo Theatre to their ‘Babies in Space’ to join in the adventure of  baby Luna who has been lost by its Mama and needs to find its way home. We had an absolutely wonderful time. As you know, I have four children and they all take up lots of my… Read more →

Ravensburger Horse Heaven Jigsaw Puzzle Review

My kids haven’t done a jigsaw for YEARS. They play on their tablets and the PC, their laptops, the xbox. They craft, they love crochet, knitting, reading, drawing etc but we’d forgotten about jigsaws. They are kinda basic aren’t they? They don’t make a noise, they aren’t exciting. wrong! When I was offered the review for a 300 piece puzzle… Read more →

Legoland Christmas 

We go to Legoland at least once a month and because we go so often I usually just give you a snapshot of our visit. Today though, since it’s Legoland Christmas I thought I would give a proper description of our visit. The picture below shows us on our way to Legoland from the car park. As usual the big… Read more →

 Yellow moon star mosaic magic wands                                                                   

I love Yellow Moon because the kids can just get on with the craft on their own whilst I catch  up on cleaning or blogging or put my feet up with a cuppa… and we were sent some lovely Yellow Moon star wands through the post to make. Here’s the children’s craft session photographed by the children.  I think this… Read more →

Chill Factore: Santa’s Snow Kingdom!

We were invited to Chill Factore for the second year running and like last year I only told the children we were going on an adventure, not where we were going. Imogen had worked it out because a) we went last year at a similar time and b) I packed gloves. Elizabeth had discounted it as a possibility because I… Read more →

Bricktacular Legoland Christmas!

We are off to have a Legoland Christmas on Friday afternoon since we found out they have Christmassified everything! The guys at Legoland Manchester have created a Santa Express LEGO train and LEGO Lapland, there’s the opportunity to decorate the Centre with LEGO Christmas Decorations, we could make candy canes, snowy snowmen and even a LEGO Santa in the Master… Read more →

Orchard Toys Shopping List Game: Review

This week we were lucky and received an Orchard Toys game to review: Shopping List. This is one of the games the children already have and really enjoy playing so when I discovered that this is a new improved version and told the kids they were interested to see what changes had been made. The first thing is that there… Read more →

Yellow Moon: Halloween and Autumn

We received a lovely big box of Halloween Craft that we will be busy with in the next couple of weeks! Here is Leon getting the important job of opening the box! We received some lovely Autumn 3D family tree Kits to decorate our house with: Just enough for the three older children Halloween glitter foam stickers Halloween paint stampers… Read more →

Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello dolly review 

This week we were sent the Rumbly Tummy Cicciobello dolly to review. It is actually for ages 3+ and Oona is only 30 months but she’s always been quite advanced in her play, I think because the older children stretch her capabilities. She’s always wanted to be a big girl.  Seeing the doll in the packet in the shop it… Read more →