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Airjitzu at Legoland Manchester

Today we went to the Ninjago Airjitzu event at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester. We go there all the time and you would think the kids would be getting fed up of it by now but actually there’s always something different to experience despite the fact that there is always the same warm welcome with the staff recognizing the children and… Read more →

Peppa Pig Princess Rose Plush: Review post

We were sent a gorgeous toy to review this week! I made a video of Oona opening the parcel and Imogen reviewed the product with Oona over on her vlog here. The Peppa Pig Princess Rose plush toy retails at £19.99 and is extremely soft and sweet. This toy is designed so that you can play Ring-a-ring-a-roses with Peppa. It… Read more →

Crystal Zelfs review

This week we were sent two mega cute crystal Zelfs to review. We reviewed a Series four Zelf here. All the children loved that one and since then we how have lots more in the Bridge household! We initially received ‘Galexia’ and from then the children have purchased a couple more each as they have saved up enough cash. They… Read more →

Pink ChillFactor Drinks Bottle Review

We were sent this super cool drinks bottle to review this week My poor kids don’t get slushies when we go out to Legoland or ball pools because I can’t stand the effect of the ‘e’ numbers on my already feisty brood so this was their first experience of them. I made them with Fitzpatrick’s Blackcurrant and liquorice flavour cordial.… Read more →

Plasticine from Flair: Review

We received a wonderful cardboard box of goodies from Flair this week! The children were really excited because there were ‘Plasticine’ stickers on the outside of the box but I wouldn’t let them open it right away. It sat there on the shelf until I was ready to review it with them and that only added to their excitement. Here… Read more →

Elizabeth’s Birthday

Birthdays in our house start at the crap of dawn. Did I say crap? Oh I meant crack, obviously! Elizabeth’s tenth birthday was no different, she had been secretly stressing about it for weeks, I had thought it was general excitement until she started really acting out and I sat her down to ask her why was she getting all… Read more →

Yellow moon: sand art bottles

It was a bit rainy the other day and so the children looked in our craft box and found this brilliant activity that was sent to us recently by Yellow Moon. It’s a simple kit, requiring little reading the kids worked it out without any input from me…it was probably too young for Elizabeth but she was helping Oona do… Read more →

Yellow moon delivery!

Look what arrived in the post!! There’s always general excitement when the Yellow Moon box arrives! Here’s a bit of a teaser to show you what we got! We’ll blog about them as we do them   Monster finger puppets!         The sand to go in the bottles Sun catchers to paint Animal masks to colour And… Read more →

Review: Little Live Pets Butterfly

Imogen was sent a Little Live pets Butterfly for review recently, and she totally loved it! I’ve seen them on TV and never been that impressed, I mean what do they do? They don’t fly, I just couldn’t see what the play-value in them was! We got it out of the packet and popped it on the flower charger…and nothing… Read more →

BrainPOP: Review

You know I home educate, right? Well my methods have varied over the years from pretty structured to totally autonomous. We’ve had a tutor since I had Oona to take some pressure off me whilst giving me the reassurance that the bases are covered. Between tutor visits though, we have been pretty autonomous.  I offer the children lots and lots of… Read more →