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Liverpool Maritime Museum

Here you go! Some out of focus shots at Liverpool Maritime Museum! We went to the Liverpool Museum briefly too, I think a couple of them were taken there! I am thinking of asking Santa for either a camera or a phone with a decent camera for Chrimbo…my photography is ridiculous! Anyway, we were at a loose end last Sunday… Read more →

Pocket money

My kids get pocket money. Do yours? How do you do it? My kids are little and they get all their clothes and everything they need bought for them…I don’t want to be spoiling them rotten buying them toys every five minutes…but at the same time I wanted to teach them about saving up, I wanted to give them a… Read more →

Our plans: making plans with your kids

This is how I’ve organised our plans for the last 6 months. I saw a thread on a home education group about how to share plans with the children and this is how I do it. This is a piece of flip chart paper, taped to the¬†living room¬†door. I split it down the middle and as you can see on… Read more →

Self-directed time

This week I introduced Elizabeth to the idea of Self-directed time. Elizabeth has been finding things very difficult over the Summer months. I usually make huge efforts to keep up our loose schedule through the holidays (even keeping our normal routine up until Christmas Eve sometimes in order to try and maintain ‘normality’) however this Summer the weather has been… Read more →

Cosy corner!

Oona gets bored! She gets bored quickly so I have to be one step ahead of her all the time or we have toddler tantrums and climbing and all kinds! Today she was up to no good (and tired, but it was almost lunch time so I didn’t want her to sleep) so I made her a very quick tent… Read more →

Baby tantrums! Isn’t 13 months too soon?

My baby is struggling! She is a busy little person. She has opinions-lots of them! She wants to be like the older kids and can’t quite keep up. She tries and they make efforts to include her but at the moment she is just a ball of frustration. She’s been walking since ten months so she is quite adept at… Read more →

Baby Massage

Our little family got all excited to receive a video from to review this week. Our take on the video is probably very different to other people’s since Oona doesn’t just have ‘mummy and me’ time…all the children wanted to have a turn at doing the techniques demonstrated in the video! I put the video on and watched it… Read more →

Be Nice Or Leave!

Be nice or leave! I thought I’d give this bit of our garden a whole blog post of it’s own!! This sign is on our garden fence. I bought this little metal sign from Amazon a couple of years ago and it was in our house on the wall of our hallway as a bit of a tongue in cheek… Read more →

Charlotte Mason

I think my lovely blog followers know that up until now I have been pretty autonomous in my approach to home education with work books and trips to Tottington Library thrown in. This has been because it suited our lifestyle and it suited the children but things are changing. I don’t know if it has been the horrendous non-summer we… Read more →

You gotta brush them teeth ya know!!

So we went to Tottington Library Home ed group today… Mavis from the NHS was there to chat with us about our peggies and she was showing us how to keep our pearly whites er pearly and white! She started by getting all the kids putting hands up about their wobbly teeth and their gaps and their new ones growing… Read more →