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Kisses are given not taken

Oona has always been a suspicious and mistrustful child. Reserved and silent rather than smiley and cuddly. Of course in private she is smiley and cuddly but get the camera out and the smile disappears. Visitors? The only person she wants to cuddle is me. I hesitate to use the word ‘shy’ because I feel that once a child is… Read more →

Ikea easel

This isn’t a review as such, I’ve not been provided with a free easel or anything (alas) but I just had to share! I bought this at Christmas time as a bit of an after-thought and didn’t give it as they had loads of things…I left it in the garage. Then one rainy day the kids were annoying me so… Read more →

Fast asleep baby

I just love sleeping baby pictures! Especially when the baby is mine ! Oona doesn’t stop! She hardly naps and she doesn’t sleep through, she is a little minx and always up to something! i think she is afraid to miss something. Seeing her asleep is lovely because it means ‘me time’ and ‘me and Paul time’ but it’s also… Read more →

Stickle bricks!

We went to see the homeopath and he has toys in his office. One of the things he has is a big basket of stickle bricks. I’d forgotten about them! We’ve got lego, we’ve had megablox and we’ve got a huge marble run…loads of construction toys but the simple stickle brick? Nope we’ve not got those! Well after the hour… Read more →

Nursies When the Sun Shines and Gro clock

You may recall I’ve been night weaning Oona (for about a year ha ha) and I find that things go very well until she is teething or poorly but then we have to start at the beginning again so I was looking for something that might teach her the concept of the boobies going to sleep and therefore being out… Read more →

Dressing up

Oona loves to dress up and I’m encouraging it. Taking off her own clothes and putting on loose fitting dressing up clothes which have elasticated waist bands and are easy to get on and off are a fantastic way to teach independence. It helps with pottying because of course pulling pants up and down is a necessary step! Despite Oona’s… Read more →