Advent Day 7

I nearly forgot! It’s half past ten! This is why I don’t do Elf on the Shelf. Too forgetful! Well here goes….drumroll… Elizabeth’s turn and we must be done with sheep because here’s a Shepherd! Tadaaah! There he is with his sheep. The kids came up with their own rule that once one of them has placed a figure they… Read more →

Advent Day 6

Leon’s turn. and he was fed up of sweets and wanted something different… So he opened the door And it was another bloody sheep! (Must learn from this when I’m putting them away) It was HARIBO !!  See you tomorrow  Read more →

Advent Day 5

Oops I nearly forgot to update you guys and I bet you are just dying to know what we got aren’t you? Well… it was Oona’s turn And believe me I tried to keep her still for the picture but there was no way! she got another sheep for our flock. There she is in her Paw Patrol nightie and… Read more →

Advent Day 4

It happened, I knew it would! They chose Pez sweets again! I might take the other two packs out of the bag just so they choose something else tomorrow ha ha! Imogen’s turn today A little lamb. he can go in the barn and wait for his friends and the shepherds. The film they chose was Mog’s Christmas which despite… Read more →

Advent Day 3

I’m in bed. I did too much cleaning of the house yesterday and my back is all swollen so when the kids were asking to do the advent calendar I sent Elizabeth down with my phone. I could hear Oona throwing a tantrum because she couldn’t find her pez dispenser and then all went quiet because Elizabeth gave her hers!… Read more →

Advent Day 2

Today it was Leon’s turn to open the door on our calendar. We’ve not started decorating for Christmas yet, as you can see our Autumn leaves are still up! Today we got an angel. He sits on one side of the stable. He picked the biggest parcel! It was four Pez dispensers! They were totally chuffed.  I bought extra pez… Read more →

Advent day 1

This year I’ve done something a little different. My two eldest now ‘know’ about Santa so I wanted to add more excitement and decided to do an Advent lucky dip. Since September I’ve been buying bits and bobs and wrapping them up so that the person whose turn it is to open the door on the calendar also gets to… Read more →

Christmas Movie Recommendations!

My kids love films. They love cuddling up with some sweets or popcorn on a blustery afternoon and watching a good movie. I have a ban on them watching Christmas movies until December because I don’t like them to get worn out. When I was a kid I looked forward to Halloween films coming on the telly in October and… Read more →

Scooby Doo Stretch Scooby

Leon is a massive Scooby Doo fan, he already has the haunted house and the mystery machine and loads of figures including glow-in-the-dark ones and monsters. When the opportunity came up to review the Stretch Scooby I put Leon’s name forward.  Scooby arrived today. He looks great in his lime green and orange box! Getting him out of it was… Read more →

Crafty goodies from Baker Ross

The kids were already excited for Halloween because our tickets arrived for the East Lancs Railway’s Halloween Scare Train and they were begging to get the box down so we could decorate the house when the latest super surprise box come from Baker Ross. Here’s a picture of Imogen  and Leon excitedly opening the box. Oona is busy jigsaw-ing in… Read more →