At the Bridge Family: Abridged I try to offer my readers an abridged version of our family life including our parenting strategies and our home educating adventures. Our eldest child, Elizabeth has Aspergers Syndrome and this means we live a little differently in order to accommodate her needs and ensure her happiness. I try to give the kids their own space to be themselves and the blog reflects this.
I have written some reviews of both products and days out, some of these reviews have been posted on the blog in exchange for a product or for free entry into an event, others are reviews of products just because I like them or an account of a day out we had that we enjoyed. If I have been compensated in any way by a company I ensure my links are no follow and I always let my readers know because even though my reviews are always truthful, I feel that it is only fair to be honest  and say that I am working with the company.
I don’t like posting negative reviews on the blog so on the rare occasion that I have been sent a product for review and we haven’t liked it or have found it to be of poor quality, I have contacted either the company or their PR. My Grannie always said, “If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all” and I think that’s good advice so I usually don’t review the product at all unless the company asked me to go ahead and write the review ‘warts and all’.
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